Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Inspired by Coco Chanel

Little story:

Everything started few weeks ago when I decided that I need a new bag (I already have about or more than 15 bags, but that little one black is not in there). Back then mine first tasks were to make simple black bag, with a lot of pockets inside (as you already know I don't like to have a chaos inside). As there wasn't clear picture of that bag, I didn't want to start sewing. 2 days ago friend from work  gave me about 1000 computer chips (brand new, still in original package). Well, you know the end of the story :P. I really had to make something from it. So...I made this little bag (that can handle my kindle!).

The biggest details are computer chips (cherry m38037) that are donated by Byte Lab. Byte Lab is a company located in Zagreb, Croatia. Their main focus is on development and innovations in area of electronics and embedded systems. They are specialized for rapid development of custom hardware and software solutions. These include systems for entry control (authorization and authentication), home automation systems, drivers for electrical motors, sensor networks, battery management systems, LED controllers and many others.


Anonymous said...

You bag now (probably) worth more than the one from Chanel!

Anonymous said...

What kind of chips they are?
Check the part number, this will make some engineers drool!

xOrElse said...

Thank you guys!
The chips are cherry (but currently I'm not home, so I don't know exactly the number).

Unknown said...

Per favore scrivete italiano! Vorrei conoscere di più riguardo borse e pochette Chanel e YsL . La borsa presentata sopra indicata fattura a Zagabria è Chanel? Vorrei conoscere i prezzi delle borse presentate. Ho già acquistato borse e pochette viste ma a bassi prezzi pur essendo belle e di qualità: perché questo cambiamento. Attendo Vostra cortese risposta al ritorno dalle ferie. Grazie Ivana Cobello da Verona